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How to Measure Up

How to Measure Up1. Measuring window width

When measuring the width of your window for your net curtain, you must measure the recess width, indicated by the red horizontal arrow on the diagram. Net Curtain Corner recommend you measure the width in several places and then take the shortest measurement.

2. Measuring window height

When measuring the height of your window for the net curtains, you must measure the recess height, also shown on the diagram by the vertical arrow. Again, we recommend you measure the height in several places and then take the shortest measurement.

3. Measuring window top to floor

When measuring from the top of the window to the floor we advise you measure the height from both corners as the window may not be level to the floor.
As we don't offer refunds for net curtains once they are cut to your size we advise that once you have measured you check your sizes again to be completely sure they are correct before placing your order. See Net Curtain Corners FAQ's section regarding returns and refunds.

The Net Curtain Corner website will accept measurements in both centimetres or inches. If you wish to convert your measurements you can by simply using our 'Convert Your Measurements' panel on the right hand side of the site.

If you need any advice or help about measuring please call us on 01903 230162

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